Tallgrass Prairie

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We're committed to the preservation, restoration, and revitalization of the tallgrass prairie and its historic communities.

About the Prairy Foundation

The Prairy brand was born from our family’s love of the region of the Flint Hills located in the heart of the United States. Where cattle outnumber people and gently rolling hills are complemented by limestone rock outcroppings, cool water streams and a seemingly endless sea of native grass. While famous for its geologic underpinnings, an occasional bison, antelope or prairie chicken can be seen if you carefully scan the horizon . . . or what we call the Prairy. A part of the world we are happy to call home. Perhaps you too, feel that the Flint Hills region is a special place to be preserved and left largely undisturbed for future generations of flora, fauna, friends and family to enjoy. Join in and help support our prairie restoration efforts through the Prairy Foundation.

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Only 5% of the tallgrass prairie that existed 150 years ago remains today.

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